Concentrate on your work and don't move until you finish



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If you're one of those people who browses the Internet while working and plays games or gets distracted before you finish an important document, FORCEdraft will help you concentrate on the important things and won't let you access anything other than than the blank document in front of you.

FORCEdraft opens a screen with a blank template and to unlock it, you have just three options: wait for the time you preset before you started working to elapse, type the number of words you set as your goal, or allow FORCEdraft to tell you when it's okay to stop working.

With these three options, you'll have enough time to finish your work without getting distracted by anything, including the clipboard. You won't be able to copy or paste anything, or in fact do anything at all except write. Ensure nothing stops you from finishing your work on time with FORCEdraft, a program that doesn't even need to be installed on your PC. That means you can put it in your flash drive and take it to your office and back home again.

The demo version allows a maximum of 500 words. Also, it doesn't automatically update and only includes one of the four available templates included in the paid version.

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